With the release of When We Are All in May of 2012, Fullerton, CA based The Slow Forward is leading the way for a new generation of post-metal bands by bringing an inspired, energetic, and heavy new sound to the airwaves. Both coarse and scathing, yet at times careful and melodic, When We Are All is crisp and callous vocals tethered to complex, layered guitar work seamlessly blended with powerfully skillful percussion, then supplemented by understated keyboards and tasteful, vintage instrumentation. This is an album one would expect not as a full-length LP debut from a minor indie band, but as a sophomoric or later effort from comparative acts on major labels. The Slow Forward's When We Are All, released digitally through overnight upstart Sullen Musik, is a long-awaited sonic statement from a group that has been relentlessly circling southern California since 2005, but is now pushing into new territory with a bold full-length record and extraordinarily creative live performances.

Withstanding the modern pressure of conformity, the goal of The Slow Forward has always been simple: abandon all preconceived notions of today's commercial industry appeal and write music from the heart. Everything else is secondary and will follow. With this central idea in mind, the four-piece began the process of writing and producing an innovative, hard-to-categorize blend of experimental/progressive rock and melodic metal that, with a listen, tends to skewer these comparisons and places the band in an undefinable category of their own. They have refined this craft over years into a sound that is truly unique and uncompromising; a howl of clarity in a world awash in the murmur of the mundane.

A spider web of different projects from varied genres in the late 1990's gave rise to the origin story of The Slow Forward, with each member seeing more than their fair share of stage and studio time with a number of local acts. Guitarist/vocalist Robert Brunelle and drummer Bryan "Splinter" Morgan had jammed and written songs together since the age of 13. Years later, older and seasoned, the duo decided to innovate and express a heavier sound, one that would serve as a master outlet for an unfulfilled musical and creative yearning. Through numerous member changes, it was not until recruiting long-time friend and master bassist Jay Hill that a solid lineup locked into place and The Slow Forward became a reality. After releasing two EPs, The Slow Forward (out of print) and Trajectory (Acropolis RPM), and playing countless shows throughout the southwestern United States, the group chose to expand the sound with the addition of a former band mate and pair of able hands, multi-instrumentalist Justin Hong.

Aptly garnering both peer critical acclaim and industry praise for energetic, balanced song-writing combined with an interesting and creatively visual live set, The Slow Forward is bringing a versatile and curious blend of alternative, hard rock, indie, and progressive metal to a live arts theatre or venue in your area and online worldwide.

The Slow Forward will continue touring on When We Are All through spring 2013.

The Slow Forward is proud to be part of Sullen Art Collective/Sullen Musik family.

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